Meet our Pastor

The Old, Old, Story ...

Some of us have been blessed to know about Jesus since childhood. We learned the sweet words of the Gospel from our parents, our grandparents and Sunday School teachers. But for much of the world, even much of our own country, the miracle of Jesus' life, death and resurrection is nothing more than a quaint, old story.  How sad. That baby that we so eagerly await at Christmas, grew to manhood as a perfect substitute for sinful, fallen humanity. His sacrifice on Good Friday restored our relationship with our heavenly Father. His resurrection on Easter morning assures us of eternal life. It's not just a story ... it wasn't an accident ... God blessed us on purpose. Now, in thankfulness we respond by blessing others “On Purpose.” Our acts of kindness are not random or rushed, but deliberate actions to show the same kind of compassion and love to the world as God did. We invite you to join with us in blessing those who most need to hear and believe that old, old story.

Pastor Wayne Lunderby