Blessed on Purpose - What We Are Doing

We respond to God's Blessings with acts of kindness to bless others


Seeking Ways to Bless our Neighbors - Cyrus Center youth shelter

We want to praise God His many blessings by seeking out opportunities to bless others in His name.  We partner with local relief agencies such as the Cyrus Center youth shelter and outreach program.  Cyrus Center provides meals, counselling and even shelter for Chilliwack's marginalized youth. Reaching out to these young people can help steer them onto a good path where they will not need supports as adults.

Canadian Mission Project - BC Mission Boat

We are partnering with the BC Mission Boat to help bring the Word of God to First Nations communities in the remotest part of the west coast. Mission teams typically visit isolated communities to provide children's/youth programs and Christian fellowship. Although Covid-19 has forced the cancellation of these regular mission trips, we are continuing to support the work of the Mission Boat financially and through donation of goods that are delivered to these remote communities. Watch the monthly newsletter for details about current projects.

Migrant Farm Workers Support

Chilliwack is the temporary home for many migrant farm workers who come to this area on a season basis for employment. These workers, and their families back home, rely on these jobs, many of which were affected during the 2021 devastating floods. We have provided material support for the displaced workers during the time when their farms were shut down. We are also starting an English as a Second Language course on one of the large farms to help these workers adjust and thrive in their Canadian work environment. Becoming proficient in English can also be a stepping stone towards eventually fulfilling immigration requirements for more permanent residency in Canada.

Most Ministries - giving the gift of sight

Another partner organization, Most Ministries, operates eye glass clinics in third world countries. Volunteers take donated eyeglasses into the poorest areas and give the gift of sight. In many cases people are able to escape the slums simply by being able to see well enough to work. We collect all types of eye glasses and also make witness necklaces and finger puppets which the Most Ministry volunteers use to explain the Gospel to clients at the eye glass clinic. This is an ongoing project so bring your eyeglasses to the church at any time.


What You Can Do

Even the small things, given in love, can make a difference: Learn what you can do.