The Messenger

We're a Community. 

Christian Fellowship is important as we gather and enjoy the company of fellow believers in Christ. If you are looking for a Christian community, these events are good introduction to the wonderful folks who make up our church family. You are always welcome to contact the church office for more information. Each week we publish The Messenger, a newsletter full of coming events, community activities and special requests for our church community.

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August 5, 2018

August 12, 2018

This Week's "Messenger" Highlights ...  

Goodbye to Summer BBQ - Sept 16

The BBQ will be held right in our own church parking lot as we celebrate the start of a new program year. There will be LOTS of hotdogs, special activities for the children, information about our fall programs and some great fellowship. We'll be inviting our friends, family and neighbors to learn more our our community of faith at St. Paul's.

Church Online - live streaming

When you can't get to church in person you can still join us for worship online. Each week we live stream our Sunday worship and any special seasonal services. You will find the link at Church Online. Worship services remain on this site for four weeks so you can catch up on any services you missed. Church Online also serves a growing home church community which joins us each week.

Please pray for ...

  • Lutheran Bible Translators Mike and Kara Kuhn and their children who have returned to Galim, Cameroon to continue translating the Bible into the Nizaa language ... And for Martin and Joan Weber who will soon return to Cameroon to continue working with the Kwanja people.
  • Our missionaries in Cartago, Costa Rica. We are supporting their work this year by providing donations for educational resources. missionary stipends and a feeding program for children in that impoverished area of Costa Rica.
  • The unrest and upheaval throughout the world - especially for the victims of terrorism