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We're a Community. 

Christian Fellowship is important as we gather and enjoy the company of fellow believers in Christ. If you are looking for a Christian community, these events are good introduction to the wonderful folks who make up our church family. You are always welcome to contact the church office for more information. Each week we publish The Messenger, a newsletter full of coming events, community activities and special requests for our church community. You can download a copy of this week's Messenger here

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November 5,  2017

November 12, 2017 


This Week's "Messenger" Highlights ... 

500 Years of Blessing!

It has been 500 years since Martin Luther nailed 95 thesis to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany and began what became known as The Reformation.  Cyrus Center was one of the service programs we partnered with this year as we celebrated the Reformation anniversary with 500 acts of mercy. Our Shopping List item for Cyrus Center in November is Hot Chocolate and Coffee. Please bring your gift to the church anytime this month.

Welcome home churches

When you can't get to church in person you can still join us for worship online. Each week we live streaming our second service (Praise! at 10:45 am). You will find the link at Church Online.  

 Please pray for ...

  • Those affected by hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters throughout the world.
  • Lutheran Bible Translators Mike and Kara Kuhn and their children who have returned to Galim, Cameroon to continue translating the Bible into the Nizaa language ... And for Martin and Joan Weber who will soon return to Cameroon to continue working with the Kwanja people.
  • Our missionaries in Cartago, Costa Rica. We are supporting their work this year by providing donations for educational resources. missionary stipends and a feeding program for children in that impoverished area of Costa Rica.
  • The unrest and upheaval throughout the world - especially for the victims of terrorism