Calendar - Worship Services

Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am

Our "blended" worship style includes elements of traditional Lutheran worship along with both hymns and more contemporary music. Childcare is available for young children during the sermon. We offer a biweekly Sunday School (usually on non communion Sundays) where children are dismissed part way through the worship service for their Sunday School classes. Our remaining services are Integrated Family Services. This means children remain with their families throughout the service. Children are encouraged to take on special roles in the service and occasionally present the songs and memory work they have learned in Sunday School.  Crafts and other special activities are provided every week for the children to work on in their pews during the sermon. 




Holy Cross Lutheran Preaching Station in Hope, BC

On the second and last Sunday of each month the members and friends of Holy Cross Preaching Station gather at 2:30 pm in the Board Room of Fraser Canyon Hospital for a Service of Holy Communion. They are joined by some of the residents of the extended care unit as our congregation reaches out in love to these special seniors. For more information contact our local representative Linda Vandermeulen at 604-869-2073