Family & Children



Families are important!

Families are an important focus of our ministry at St. Paul's so we plan many special activities with families and children in mind.    

Advent Evening Programs - Dec 6, 13 and 20

  • Advent is a wonderful time to teach children about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even small children can appreciate the enthusiasm with which the church (and even society at large) embraces this season. It is easy for all of us to become self centered in the weeks leading up to Christmas so our Advent Evening Program and Servant Events are a perfect teaching tool for helping children learn about giving as well as getting.

  • On Wednesday evenings in December we will gather at 5:00 pm for a Servant Event followed by a meal at 5:30 pm and an Advent Evening Service. 

    Advent Servant Events

    On Wednesday December 6 we will begin with the Great Christmas Cookie Caper. We will be preparing plates of your Christmas baking for some special friends in our congregation and for our neighbors at The Village housing complex. We will have plain cookies on hand for the children to decorate so they can help brighten someone's Christmas. Potluck Supper and Advent service to follow the Servant Event. 

    On December 13 we will prepare children’s Christmas stockings for families who attend the programs and family meals at Ruth and Naomi’s street mission. We are now collecting small children’s toys (small enough to fit inside a Christmas stocking), candy and gloves/hats etc. Soup ‘n Bun Supper and Advent service to follow the Servant Event.

    On December 20 we will be collecting men’s and women’s warm socks which will be distributed through agencies such as Ruth and Naomi’s and Cyrus Center. Please bring heavy, wool-type socks as they are more absorbent in nasty weather. Potluck Supper and Advent service to follow the Servant Event.

    Children’s stocking stuffers and adult socks may be brought to the church at any time.