Blessed on Purpose - What You Can Do

There are many needs in the world. Even our small response, given in love, can make a difference! 

You can bless others at Christmas

Advent Servant Events

During December we celebrate the Season of Advent as we prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also spend this time helping those less fortunate than ourselves through a series of Servant Events. These projects are done on Wednesday evenings (Dec 6, 13 and 20). We gather at 5:00 pm to complete the project for the evening and then enjoy a meal together and an Advent worship service. 

To prepare for our Servant Events we are collecting a number of items.

On Wednesday December 6 we will begin with the Great Christmas Cookie Caper. We will be preparing plates of your Christmas baking for some special friends in our congregation and for our neighbors at The Village housing complex. Potluck Supper and Advent service to follow the Servant Event. Please bring baking to the church during office hours that week, or bring it with you to the Event. No nuts in the baking please.

On December 13 we will prepare children’s Christmas stockings for families who attend the programs and family meals at Ruth and Naomi’s street mission. We are now collecting small children’s toys (small enough to fit inside a Christmas stocking), candy and gloves/hats etc. Soup ‘n Bun Supper and Advent service to follow the Servant Event.

On December 20 we will be collecting men’s and women’s warm socks which will be distributed through agencies such as Ruth and Naomi’s and Cyrus Center. Please bring heavy, wool-type socks as they are more absorbent in nasty weather. Potluck Supper and Advent service to follow the Servant Event.


You can bless your neighbors in your own community.

Through our partnership with other organizations in downtown Chilliwack you can make life a little easier for struggling individuals and families.

One of our local projects this year is to collect items on a "shopping list" given to us by Cyrus Center, the youth shelter and outreach program in downtown Chilliwack. Your gift can be brought to the church at any time during office hours or on Sundays. This project is part of our 500 Acts of Mercy we intend to complete this year in commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the start of The Reformation.

Cyrus Center Shopping List

  • January:     Boxes of #10 envelopes (legal/business size)
  • February:   Pajama pants for males and females (Adult Small-Medium)
  • March:       Garbage bags (all sizes)
  • April:          Plastic cutlery (especially forks)
  • May:          New t-shirt for males and females (Adult Small-Medium)
  • June:          Toilet Paper
  • July/Aug:   Cleaning supplies (dishwasher pucks, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, High-Efficiency detergent etc.)
  • Sept:          Underwear for males and females (Ladies Small; Men’s Small boxers)
  • Oct:            Bath towels
  • Nov:           Hot chocolate and coffee
  • Dec:            We will use your donations to Local Relief to purchase gift cards for distribution to youth at Christmas.


You can bless others with the gift of sight

In provide ongoing support for the work of Most Ministries, an international organization that provides eyeglass clinics in some of the poorest areas of Central America. We are collecting used eyeglasses that will be distributed at Christian eyeglass clinics. Your old glasses can give the precious gift of sight to someone desperately in need of this practical help. Bring your used eyeglass - prescription or non-prescription to the church any Sunday (or any day the office is open). We will make sure that your gift is put to good use.


You can bless those who long to hear the Good News

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society has adopted some exciting Mission Projects for 2016. You can be assured that 100% of your donation goes to the project you choose to support. For more details or donation options go to  Our congregation's project in 2017 will be to support the work of CLMS missionaries in Costa Rica. We have committed to raise $2,000 to assist their work this year which includes a child feeding program in Cartago, Costa Rica.

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society (CLMS) is an independent mission society, chartered under the Corporations Act of Manitoba and registered  as a charitable organization with Canada Revenue Agency. It holds auxiliary organization status with Lutheran Church-Canada. CLMS  is "independent" in that it is self-governing, and not dependent on any other organization. However, it works closely with Lutheran Church-Canada and its partner churches around the world, to support various missionary, educational and social ministry projects.


You can bless those around you with simple acts of kindness ... On Purpose?

Have you B-O-P'ped anyone recently?  We believe that acts of kindness should not be random. Rather Christians should look for opportunities to bless others On Purpose.  This is the primary focus of our service at St. Paul's. God has blessed us On Purpose through Jesus Christ and so we respond by blessing other On Purpose. We distribute small cards with this simple message to our members and friends.  They then look for opportunities to bless someone (often anonymously) and leave the card to explain why.

People can be quite creative in using these cards. For example:

  • Buy coffee for the person behind you at the drive-through. Ask the cashier to pass along the card when the recipient gets to the window.
  • Leave the coin in a grocery store shopping cart along with the card
  • Leave a few coins in an apartment building washing machine .. along with a BOP'ped card of course
  • Leave some flowers from your garden or a few home baked cookies at a neighbor's doorstep

There is no end to the ways we can bless others with simple acts of kindness. Imagine if everyone lived this way. Wouldn't our town and our world be a nicer place? And we do this all in thanks to God because he deliberately set out a plan to save us - On Purpose.

BOP'ped cards aren't just for members of St. Paul's.  We are happy to give you a supply of cards that you can use to bless others. Just contact the church office.


You can bless others through the power of prayer

Prayer changes things. We have a gracious God who delights to hear the prayers of His children. If you would like to be a member of our Prayer Team, please contact the church office. Prayer Team members commit to a life of active prayer, interceding for those with prayer requests. Have a prayer request?  Contact the church office by phone (604-792-9577) or email (